The Only Surgery Claim Denial Prevention Tool That Eliminates Surgery Patient Status Errors

We take the guesswork out of selecting the right surgical procedure definition and status, so you can capture more revenue

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Accurate Coding & Smart Billing Starts With I/O Surg

Access From Anywhere-On Any Device-At Any Time

Customizable For Users, Locations & Healthcare Systems

Seamlessly Integrates with Other Software

With I/O Surg Non-Clinical and Clinical Employees Can instantly find the right surgical procedure definition and status in seconds

Stop wasting time, money, and morale…

1. Manually Searching multiple reference tools

2. Guessing at which AMA Short Descriptions to use

3. Waiting For Responses to emails, texts, and calls

4. Stopping To Shift Through Emails to find updates

5. Using Out-of-Date reference books and spreadsheets

6. Distracting Experts for clinical advice and coding guidance

7. Mis-interpreting Medicare and private payer requirements

With I/O Surg Executives and Managers Can Uniformly Equip individuals, teams, and locations with one surgical procedure reference tool that…

1. Translates Clinical Knowledge into “plain English” for non-clinical and new employees

2.Integrates Multiple Reference Books, Spreadsheets and Lists of Medicare, AMA, and Private Payer information

3. Automatically Updates and Disseminates Medicare and AMA updates and changes

4. Controls Access for individuals, teams, and locations

5. Eliminates Email Updates to employees, teams, and locations

6. Instantly Communicates lessons learned and best practices

The use of I/O Surg is essential in helping me to quickly and efficiently identify surgical procedures as Outpatient vs Inpatient Procedures in order to ensure that each surgery is scheduled correctly.  This allows our healthcare system to bill properly and prevent revenue loss.

Sheri Lopez, RN Peri-Op

Utilization Management Promedica Health System, ProMedica

From Our Customers Perspective

Our case study helps to explain how the ProMedica Hospital System was able to partner with Kapios to develop a tool we call, I/O Surg. The result was better than ProMedica ever hoped for… over $1 Million saved from write-offs in the 1st year of use. 

See The Tool LIVE

Even if you have a process in place, NO manual process can do what this tool does. It can be embedded in your EMR or you can use it from a browser, a tablet or a smart phone. It’s intuitive, and yes, it literally only takes 2-CLICKS to find the appropriate Code and Status for proper billing.

​Find Out How to Get It For Everyone in Your Rev Cycle

Installation is fast, simple, inexpensive, and needs almost zero training. (Warning: if you take this puppy home, you’re never going to give it back!)

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