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I/O Surg Features

I/O Surg Combines Two Powerful Capabilities Into One Online Platform For Preventing Surgery Patient Status Errors

An Intuitive Search Engine that instantly finds the right surgical procedure definition, patient status and codes

A Control Center that uniformly equips individuals, teams, and locations with one surgical procedure reference tool

I/O Surg Online Search Engine enables non-clinical and clinical employees to:

Find the right surgical procedure and CPT codes to determine the right patient status – – by typing in as little or much as you know about the procedure and pick from a list of related codes

View AMA long descriptions to understand the subtle differences and intricacies between codes – – to ensure the right procedure, CPT codes and status are selected

Access a Cross-Year Reference Library of previous years AMA and private payer surgical procedures, CPT codes and status

Add Personal Notes on CPT Codes to:

  • Remind them of changes to private payer agreements
  • View instructions related to doctors
  • Recall any other information to expedite procedure, CPT code and status selection
Add Favorite CPT Codes to:

  • Quickly Access surgical procedures, CPT codes that are frequently used
View a shared Bulletin Board within A department or teams and/or between hospitals to:

  • View updates on AMA or private payer guidelines
  • See messages from administrators
  • Communicate messages between departments
I/O Surg Online Clinical Knowledge Control Center enables managers and executives within The Revenue Cycle to:
Provide User Permissions by:

  • Individual user
  • Teams (at one or multiple locations)
  • Locations within a healthcare system
Receive automatic AMA Updates to the built-in surgical procedure definition library – – at no additional charge
Attach Private Payer Information and Instructions to surgical procedures long definitions and CPT codes
Automatically Disseminate AMA and Private Payer Updates to employees, teams, locations and your entire hospital system
Expedite end users search for surgical procedure definitions, payer requirements, and status by adding:

  • Custom Keyword Tags to an individual or multiple surgical procedures
  • Custom Notes to an individual or multiple surgical procedures
Use the Bulletin Board within and between teams and locations to:

  • Share best practices
  • Lessons learned
  • Add reminders
  • Provide links to private payer websites and information
Provide User and System Information Security

  • Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure
  • A secure site that requires login authentication
  • All data encrypted in transit using SSL
  • User security measures include automatic log-off when inactive and account lockout on failed login attempts
  • Server security meets HIPAA requirement standards
  • Daily server and data backups; including frequent server updates