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Gain Immediate Workforce Efficiency & Capture More Revenue

Why Use I/O Surg

I/O Surg Saves Time, Money, and Morale…Reduces Documentation Errors… And Increase Surgical Revenue

Tactical Impact

1. Less Employee Time Spent…

  • Searching through reference books, spreadsheets, and lists
  • Waiting for replies to emails, texts and calls
  • Shift through emails to find updates

2. Greater Accuracy of surgical procedure definition, patient status, and code selection from:

  • Fewer misinterpretations of Medicare and private payer requirements
  • Using the most current reference information

Operating Impact

1. Broader Access to reference books and tools across:

  • The Revenue Cycle
  • Surgery Operations

2. Less Management Time spent

  • Training non-clinical and new employees
  • Responding to requests for clinical advice and coding guidance
  • Updating and disseminating reference information
  • Confirming that updates have been received and are being used
  • Communicating best practices and lessons learned

3. Cost Savings from fewer reference books, spreadsheets, and lists

Strategic Impact

1. Greater Medicare Revenue from fewer:

  • Non-Appealable surgery claim denials
  • Appealable claim denials that are not appealed

2. Greater Private Payer Revenue from fewer errors when documenting:

  • Scheduled vs. performed surgical procedures
  • Technical Denial do to lack of pre-auth from wrong surgical procedure definition selection

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